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Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County Virginia Ten Months of Terror The Campaign That Ended The Civil War These guests arrived on foot and horse- back in wagons and onboard steamers dressed in military uniforms of blue gray and butternut. They came from Texas and Maine from Illinois and Florida and they made a mess. One hundred and fifty years later the impact of their visit still resonates throughout the Petersburg Region both physically and psychologically. The Civil War is inescapable in our corner of Virginia and todays travelers are invited to share with us a heritage that helps define us all as Americans today. In 1861 Petersburg was the second largest city in Virginia and the seventh largest in the entire Confederacy Hopewell and Colonial Heights are products of the 20th century and were a part of Prince George and Chesterfield counties respectively. The Cockade Citys industrial prowess its location at the head of navigation on the Appomattox River and most importantly its five railroads that radiated in all directions of the compass made it a point of enormous military significance during the Civil War. Petersburgs citizens lived on the uneasy margins of the shooting war between 1861 and the spring of 1864 suffering with runaway inflation and a crippling shortage of the necessities of life. But in May of that year a Union army landed at City Point now a part of Hopewell and Bermuda Hundred in Chesterfield County triggering a series of battles known as the Bermuda Hundred campaign. A month later the largest armies in Virginia commanded by Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant began a contest for control of Petersburg that would extend from mid-June 1864 through April 2 1865. When Petersburg surrendered to Union forces the following day wars end at Appomattox Court House was but six days away. The legacy of that tragic chapter of American historyevents that cost more than 70000 casualties and untold misery for soldiers and civilians alike lives today in the For 292 days in 1864 and 1865 some 125000 visitors descended on the Petersburg Region. Petersburg Regions battlefields museums and historic homes. Contemporary visitors can explore the scenes of Petersburgs most important battles such as the Crater Fort Stedman and Five Forks at Petersburg National Battlefield. This sprawling unit of the National Park system includes Grants Headquarters at City Point where travelers can learn the fascinating back story of the remarkable logistical effort required to sustain military operations. Pamplin Historical Park and the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier preserves the site of the campaigns climactic engagement known as The Breakthrough that forced General Lee to evacuate Richmond and Petersburg on April 2. Much of the rest of the military story at Petersburg can be found by exploring the landscape in Dinwiddie County where a self-guided driving tour leads motorists to pristine scenes of heroism courage and carnage. A. Wilson Greene is the founding executive director of Pamplin Historical Park and the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier. He holds degrees in American history from Florida State University and Louisiana State University. Greenes public history career spans 41 years and includes work with the National Park Service Civil War battlefield preservation and historic site administration. He is the author of six books and more than thirty essays and articles dealing with Southern and Civil War history. In addition to the museums and visitor centers at Petersburg National Battlefield and Pamplin Historical Park todays guests to the Petersburg Region can learn about the hardships endured by Petersburgs citizens black and white at the Siege Museum in Old Towne Petersburg. Walking tours of this historic city lead past a remarkable collection of commercial and residential buildings that played crucial roles in the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln visited City Point twice during the Petersburg Campaign and walked the streets of Petersburg in early April passing buildings that still stand witness to the Presidents presence. Across the Appomattox River General Lees headquarters at Violet Bank in Colonial Heights offers insights into the Confederate commanders life on the front lines. There is no better place to experience how Petersburg citizens of the post Civil War generation remembered the conflict than at Blandford Church. Sitting atop strategic Cemetery Hill Blandford Church is perhaps the most beautiful memorial to the Confederacy anywhere in the world with its Tiffany stained glass windows overlooking a landscaped graveyard filled with the Confederate dead. In a quieter corner of the region Poplar Grove National Cemetery in Dinwiddie County provides the final resting place for thousands of Northern soldiers who gave their lives for the cause of freedom and liberty. Visitors are fond of joking that we in the South are still fighting the Civil War Of course such observations are more apparent than real but we DO deeply remember that conflict of 150 years ago that so defined our corner of Virginia and the nation. We treasure our Civil War past and have lovingly preserved large portions of it to share with guests from around the world. When you visit our historic sites you too will understand why in the Petersburg Region the Civil War is felt history. A. Wilson Greene Executive Director Pamplin Historical Park The Civil War is felt history. 1Visit College FlankRd. JohnsonRd. Rd. 9 3 25 64 58 54 53 52 50 48 47 65 51 63 61 53 28 22 67 62 61 15 46 45 41 37 703 670 623 35 40 627 613 627 623 626 36 600 600 602 655 655 10 144 288 150 76 288 195 76 150 288 40 613 621 621 654 156 156 609 156 620 10 106 36 641 641 5 5 106 5 895 156 670 675 613 708 619 603 10 10 106 106 156 36 156 Prince George County Chesterfield County Petersburg Dinwiddie County Colonial Heights Hopewell C Henrico County Richmond Sussex County Amelia County Fort Lee Pocahontas State Park Henricus Historical Park Five Forks Battlefield Petersburg National Battlefield Chesterfield Towne Center Mid-Lothian Mines Rockwood Golf Park Metro Richmond Zoo Eppington Falling Creek Ironworks Park Drewrys Bluff Fort Stevens Dutch Gap Conservation Area Parkers Battery Fort Wead CastlewoodMagnolia Grange Dinwiddie County Courthouse Banks House Fork Inn Lee Playhouse Ironbridge Sports Park Richard Bland College Grants Headquarters Appomattox Plantation at City Point Prince George County Regional Heritage Center U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum U.S. Army Womens Museum HopewellPrince George Visitor Center Petersburg Visitor Center Chesterfield County Museum Petersburg Visitor Center at Carson Merchants Hope Church Virginia Motorsports Park Old Stage Rd. Bermuda Orchard Ln. Bellwood Rd. Ft. Darling Rd. Bermuda Triangle Rd. John Tyler Community College John Tyler Community College Pamplin Historical Park and The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier Battery Dantzler Poplar Grove National Cemetery Weston Plantation Sycamore Square Point of Rocks Upper Brandon Lucky Lake Gem Mineral Mine Southpark Mall Swaders Keystone Tractor Works Chesterfield County Airport Richmond International Airport Dinwiddie County Airport To Williamsburg andVirginia Beach To Williamsburg To Charlottesville To Appomattox and Roanoke To Jamestown Scotland Ferry To Norfolk and Virginia Beach MIDLOTHIAN MCKENNEY DINWIDDIE DISPUTANTA CHESTER SUTHERLAND CARSON NEW BOHEMIA WINTERPOCK MATOACA WALTHALL CHESTERFIELD 95 29595 295 95 64 85 360 460 301 1 60 60 195 460 1 1 301 85 James River Appomattox River Charlottesville Roanoke Virginia Beach9585 95 295 Washington DC Fredericksburg Richmond Petersburg Region 64 64 Williamsburg 81 66 64 77 Visitor Center Airport Exit Number In Hopewell Visit Appomattox Plantation at City Point Beacon Theatre City Point National Cemetery City Point Open Air Museum Grants Headquarters at City Point St. Dennis Chapel Weston Plantation In Peterburg Visit Appomattox River Heritage Trail Battersea Blandford Church Cemetery Centre Hill Museum Farmers Market First Baptist Church Old Towne Peter Jones Trading Station Petersburg Courthouse Pocahontas Island Museum Siege Museum South Side Depot In Colonial Heights Visit Fort Clifton Old Brick House Swift Creek Mill Theatre Violet Bank Museum Visit for special events 3Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County2 History 4 Petersburg National Battlefield 4 Bermuda Hundred Campaign 6 Pamplin Historical Park 8 Blandford Church Cemetery 10 Centre Hill Museum 11 Siege Museum 11 Petersburg Courthouse 12 Farmers Bank 12 South Side Depot 12 Farmers Market 12 Violet Bank 13 Fort Clifton 13 Henricus Historical Park 14 Prince George County Regional 16 Heritage Center Merchants Hope Church 16 Weston Plantation 17 St. Dennis Chapel 17 City Point National Cemetery 18 Fork Inn 18 Dinwiddie Courthouse 18 Mid-Lothian Mines 19 Falling Creek Ironworks 19 Chesterfield County Museum 19 Old Jail Magnolia Grange 20 Eppington 20 Battersea 20 Peter Jones Trading Station 21 Old Brick House 21 Upper Brandon 21 City Point Open Air Museum 21 U. S. Army Womens Museum 22 U. S. Army Quartermaster Center 23 African-American History 24 Sports Recreation 26 Virginia Motorsports Park 26 Metro Richmond Zoo 26 Pocahontas State Park 27 Appomattox River Heritage Trail 27 Keystone Tractor Museum 28 Lucky Lake Gem Mineral Mine 28 Swaders Sports Park 28 Ironbridge Sports Park 28 Rockwood Golf Park 28 Golf Courses 29 Petersburg Generals 30 Equestrian 30 Marinas Boat Launches 30 Arts Entertainment 31 Beacon Theatre 31 Swift Creek Mill Theatre 31 Lee Playhouse 32 Petersburg Area Art League 32 Shopping 32 Southpark Mall 32 Chesterfield Towne Center 32 Old Towne Petersburg 32 Sycamore Square 32 Antiques More 33 Accommodations 35 Hotels 35 Bed Breakfasts 36 Campgrounds 36 Dining 37 Visit for special events 5Visit 3 PetersburgAreaRegionalTourism P.O. Box 1808 Petersburg VA 23805 804-861-1666 877-730-7278 TableofContents Historic photos courtesy Library of Congress History Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County4 Appomattox Plantation at City Point Petersburg NationalBattlefield Bringing The Siege of Petersburg To Life Almost one quarter of the entire Civil War was fought around Petersburg as Generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant wrestled for control of the railroads and supply lines that the Confederacy desperately needed for survival. Petersburg National Battlefield tells the story of the nearly ten month siege that caused the collapse of Richmond and General Lees army. The 2700-acre park contains a 16-stop driving tour which takes visitors through all four units of the Battlefield Grants Headquarters at City Point present day Hopewell the Eastern Front where the initial assaults and the battles of the Crater and Fort Stedman occurred the Western Front where intense fighting continued as Grants Army encircled the city while struggling to destroy the last of Lees supply lines and the Five Forks Battlefield a battle in which the outcome would eventually lead to the Confederatesretreat to Appomattox and Lees surrender. General Grants Headquarters at City Point While laying siege to Petersburg Grant established his headquarters at City Point a small port town at the confluence of the James and Appomattox rivers. Overnight the town and adjacent Appomattox Plantation became one of the busiest ports in the world as hundreds of ships delivered food clothing and ammunition. Huge warehouses built along the waterway stored food for 100000 men and forage for 65000 horses and mules. Seven hospitals covering an area of 200 acres could treat up to 10000 patients. While running the war from City Point General Grant received many notable political and military visitors including President Abraham Lincoln visit www. and General William T. Sherman. The most welcome visitors were Grants wife and son who stayed with him in his cabin for the last three months of the siege. The Appomattox Plantation house is staffed year-round and provides an audio-visual program tours of the house and Grants cabin and self-guided walks around the point. Eastern Front Visitor Center and Driving Tour The Eastern Front Visitor Center features exhibits and audio-visual programs that introduce the story of the siege and its impact on the course of the Civil War. A driving tour of the battlefields includes 13 separate sites with three contact stations along a 37-mile route www.nps. govpeteplanyourvisitupload PETEmap1.pdf. Park staff will answer questions and provide information to help you make the best use of your time. Battle of the Crater A highlight of the Eastern Front driving tour is the scene of one of the wars most spectacular events the Battle of the Crater. Petersburg National Battlefield is open from 900 a.m. to 500 p.m. daily except on Thanksgiving December 25 and January 1. www.nps.govpete General Grants Headquarters at City Point Appomattox Plantation Cedar Lane Pecan Avenue Hopewell VA 23860 804-458-9504 Eastern Front Visitor Center and Driving TourBattle of the Crater 5001 Siege Road Petersburg VA 23803 804-732-3531 ext. 200 Five Forks Battlefield 9840 Courthouse Road Dinwiddie VA 23841 804-469-4093 Western Front Driving Tour Poplar Grove Cemetery 8005 Vaughan Road Petersburg VA 23803 The Union army was able to produce 100000 rations of bread a day in bakeries it had built at City Point. DidYouKnow History Top to bottom Grant at City Point Five Forks Appomattox Plantation Eastern Front Poplar Grove National Cemetery Visit 5 In an effort to punch a hole in the Confederates defensive fortifications and capture Petersburg a Union regiment from a coal mining region of Pennsylvania dug a tunnel 510 feet long under a part of Lees line called Elliotts Salient. On July 30 1864 they lit the fuse and four tons of gunpowder roared to life instantly killing and wounding 278 Confederate soldiers and creating a crater 25 feet deep and 180 feet long. A Union infantry attack soon followed but it immediately ran into trouble. Instead of skirting the hole many of the unprepared and ill-led troops pulled up short and ran right into the still smoldering crater. A Confederate counterattack forced more Federals into thehorrid pitwhere they were shot bayoneted and blown to bits by mortars. The Confederate lines held and the Unions opportunity to shorten the siege was lost. General Grant said of the catastrophe at the CraterIt was the saddest affair I have ever witnessed in the war. A loop walking trail leads from the parking lot to the tunnel entrance then follows the Union mine shaft to Elliotts Salient where the explosion and battle occurred. Western Front Driving Tour This driving tour explores where the fighting took place for the Petersburg and Weldon Railroad and the Union Armys attempts to sever the South Side rail line. Poplar Grove National Cemetery the final resting place of over 6000 Federal soldiers who fell in battles from Petersburg to Lynchburg is a highlight of the tour. Five Forks Battlefield By the spring of 1865 the last remaining supply line into Petersburg was the South Side Railroad. On March 29 1865 Grant sent his forces on a westward movement to cut this major artery knowing that it would cause Lee to abandon Petersburg and Richmond. Countering this move Lee sent 10000 troops under Major General George E. Pickett to an important road junction called Five Forks which protected the railroad. On April 1 22000 Union troops under Major General Philip H. Sheridan attacked and defeated Picketts force at Five Forks. The fall of Richmond was assured. The next day Grant assaulted Petersburg which along with Richmond was evacuated that night. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House just seven days later. A visitor contact station is staffed daily at Five Forks Battlefield. A short driving tour is available to explore the battlefield in more detail. Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County6 History Many people recognize the major battles of the Civil War Gettysburg Manassas Antietam Shiloh or Cold Harbor. Yet the smaller battles and campaigns were just as significant to the soldiers who fought and the civilians along their path. All of these engagements big and small tell the whole story of the Civil War a war that was fought on the feet of men marching 15 to 40 miles a day advancing and retreating in victory and defeat. In May of 1864 General Benjamin F. Butler landed 40000 troops on the Bermuda Hundred peninsula in Chesterfield County. His goal was to set up a base of operations and then advance toward Richmond and Petersburg. Battles fought in Chesterfield during May and early June of 1864 prevented Butler from reaching his goal and ultimately pushed his troops back into their defensive positions in Bermuda Hundred where they would remain for the rest of the war. Casualties on both sides for the entire Bermuda Hundred Campaign were approximately 6000 killed wounded or missing. Union and Confederate troops stationed in Chesterfield County also played important roles in battles during the Siege of Petersburg. When that city fell on April 2 1865 the majority of the army under the command of Robert E. Lee passed through Chesterfield on the retreat to Appomattox. Drewrys Bluff On May 15 1862 a Federal flotilla led by the ironclads USS Monitor and USS Galena attempted to force its way past the Confederate fort at Drewrys Bluff. The Federals were turned back after a three-hour battle. Richmond was never again seriously threatened by a water- based attack. Drewys Bluff is a Richmond National Battlefield Park site. 7600 Fort Darling Rd. North Chesterfield VA 23297 804-226-1981 BermudaHundredCampaign The Battle Line Between Petersburg and Richmond Point of Rocks Park In May 1864 Gen. Benjamin F. Butler began to construct his main defensive line here shortly after landing at Bermuda Hundred. Butlers headquarters an army hospital and a cemetery were also established nearby. President Abraham Lincoln his wife Mary Gen. Ulysses Grant and other officers visited here just weeks before Lincolns assassination on April 14 1865. Lincoln and Grant also visited defensive positions on the Bermuda Hundred line. The field hospital was built on property just east of the park where Red Cross founder Clara Barton served during the Siege of Petersburg. 201 Enon Church Rd. Chester VA 23836 804-751-4946 Fort Stevens Park Fort Stevens was the main bastion of the Confederate inner defense line built in 1862 to defend the southern approach to Richmond. On May 16 it became the pivot point for a major Confederate counterattack that halted Butlers advance known as the Second Battle of Drewrys Bluff. 8900 Pams Rd. Chesterfield VA 23832 804-751-4946 Ft. Wead and Sgt. Engle Park Fort Wead was built at the rear of the main Union defensive line to prevent Confederate forces from advancing in the event the main lines were captured. The nearby Sgt. Engle Park is named after Union Sgt. James E. Engle of the 97th Pennsylvania Volunteers. During a skirmish on May 18 1864 Engle volunteered to carry ammunition from this area to soldiers at the front. He remained at the front of the lines distributing ammunition under constant fire for the rest of the day. For his actions he was awarded the Medal of Honor. 1107 Greyledge Blvd. Chesterfield VA 23836 804-751-4946 History Visit 7 CivilWar History Ware Bottom Church Battlefield Park Ware Bottom Battlefield Park marks the center of the fighting that took place during the Battle of Ware Bottom Church on May 20 1864. The site contains more than 1500 feet of well-preserved trenches and artillery positions that were constructed in the months after the battle. The park contains one of the largest unbroken sections of the Howlett Line still in existence. 1600 Old Bermuda Hundred Rd. Chester VA 23831 804-751-4946 Howlett Line Park The parks earthworks were part of the Howlett Line that stretched across the Bermuda Hundred peninsula. This site was one of the largest artillery positions along that line. On June 2 1864 Col. Olin M. Dantzler led an attack from the site toward a nearby Federal position. Dantzler and 16 of his men were killed in the failed assault. 14100 Howlett Line Dr. Chester VA 23831 804-751-4946 Parkers Battery Parkers Battery is a well-preserved example of the Confederate defenses known as the Howlett Line. The site was manned by Parkers Boy Company which was comprised of men from the City of Richmond. Parkers Battery occupied this site until the fall of Petersburg on April 2 1865 when they joined Lee on his retreat to Appomattox. 1801 Ware Bottom Spring Rd. Chesterfield VA 23831 804-751-4946 Battery Dantzler Park The fort here was named Battery Dantzler in honor of Col. Olin Miller Dantzler 22d South Carolina Infantry who was killed in action just south of the park. Battery Dantzler anchored the northern end of the Howlett Line. The Battle of Trents Reach one of the last naval actions of the war took place at the foot of Battery Dantzler in January of 1865. 1820 Battery Dantzler Rd. Chesterfield VA 23831 804-751-4946 The Dutch Gap Canal at Henricus Historical Park Gen. Butler devised a plan to build a canal across the neck of land known as Dutch Gap. The purpose of the canal was to bypass Battery Dantzler and other Confederate guns along the James River. Construction of the canal took place from August to December of 1864 with the majority of the work done by African- American troops who were frequently shelled by Confederate gun positions. The canal was not completed until after the war and was widened to its current extent in the 1930s. 301 Henricus Park Rd. Chester VA 23836 804-748-1613 Mid-Lothian Mines Park Coal from the mines here was used to fire the furnaces at Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond. Tredegar was the main supplier of artillery and iron for the Confederacy. A Union cavalry raid passed through this area in May of 1864. 13301 N. Woolridge Rd. Midlothian VA 23114 804-751-4946 All sites are open for visitors dawn to dusk Monday through Sunday. Tours are scheduled throughout the year. Chesterfield Countys strategic location near the capital of the Confederacy meant it was the center of several major campaigns both on land and in the water. If the Bermuda Hundred Campaign had been successful the war might have ended a year sooner. DidYouKnow History Spend the day at Pamplin Historical Park The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier and journey back to the 19th century. The Parks 424- acre campus features four award-winning museums four historic homes costumed living history demonstrations guided tours and the Breakthrough Battlefield of April 2 1865. The Parks facilities and programs appeal to casual visitors serious students of Civil War era history and families alike. Pamplin Historical Park has received accolades from a wide range of national and regional media and has been rated by AAA Automotive Club as a Gem attraction. The Park is recognized as a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Museums Visit the Parks four award-winning museums and explore the everyday world of Civil War soldiers An extremely rare Civil War artifact is this daisy head formed when Union and Confederate minie balls collided head on and fused together. It was found shortly after the war at the site of the Battle of the Crater in Petersburg. History discover why for millions of Americans the Southern way of life in the 1860s was A Land Worth Fighting For learn why slavery became such a divisive issue in 1850s America understand why one of the Civil Wars most important battles took place on a seemingly remote Virginia farm. Historic Homes Explore the lives of free and enslaved Antebellum Southerners in the context of original historic homes and recreated 19th century environments. For generations these buildings housed the hopes and dreams of Southern families. When the war came they served as headquarters for the military leaders on which their future depended. Battlefields The campaign for Petersburg lasted 292 days in 1864 and 1865. The battle that determined the outcome of the campaign occurred on April 2 1865 and involved an attack of more than 14000 Union troops on a section of Confederate fortifications on the Banks Hart and Boisseau farms. Known as The Breakthrough and declared a National DidYouKnow Pamplin Historical Park uses an impressive array of high- tech and interactive displays artifacts and period costumed interpreters to provide an evenhanded view of the rank and file soldier. the past comes alive -The New York Times Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County8 PamplinHistoricalPark The NationalMuseum of theCivilWarSoldier Experience Life in Civil War America History Admission fee charged. Gift shop on-site. Open 900 a.m. to 500 p.m. daily except Thanksgiving December 25 and January 1. Expanded hours in the summer. Allow a minimum of four hours to visit. 6125 Boydton Plank Road Petersburg VA 23803 804-861-2408 toll free 1-877-PAMPLIN Civil War Adventure Camp The Civil War Adventure Camp is the ultimate overnight history experience. Now you canLive the Life of a Civil War Soldier.Participants sleep in re-created soldier huts and barracks eat a soldiers supper and breakfast participate in drill learn tactics camp skills and Historic Landmark this Union victory forced General Robert E. Lee to evacuate both Richmond and Petersburg. One week later Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox Court House signaling the virtual end of the Civil War. and More In addition to daily tours and costumed living history demonstrations the Park hosts changing exhibits special events multi-day tours historical symposia and educational camps throughout the year. The Civil War Store stocks a large selection of Civil War-themed books games clothing and souvenirs. Take a little history home music and fire a reproduction Civil War rifle- musket. Perfect for individuals families and group outings Throughout the year camps are opened for groups on request and for individuals and families on select weekends. Advance reservations required. Contact the Park for more details or visit Walk along these fortifications take the time to learn something about the story of what happened here use the museum to understand who these men were and the past comes alive with a piercing immediacy that shakes you and shakes you hard. ...a stirring new perspective to the conflict... a searching look into the hearts and minds of the fathers brothers and sons who served. Visit 9 Special Events Pamplin Historical Park offers six rental facilities and catered meals for groups including meetings conferences banquets weddings showers and birthday parties. Admission fee charged. Gift shop on-site. Open 1000 a.m. to 500 p.m. Call for special winter hours. Closed Thanksgiving Day December 24 25 and January 1. 111 Rochelle Lane Petersburg VA 23803 804-733-2396 BlandfordChurch andCemetery Rare Treasures That Honor the Confederacys Fallen Soldiers Blandford Church is indeed a rare American treasure. It is one of the few churches whose decorative stained- glass windows were created under the direction of the famous designer Louis Comfort Tiffany of New York. The Churchs fifteen exquisite windows were commissioned by the Ladies Memorial Association of Petersburg in memory of the Confederate soldiers buried at the adjacent Blandford Cemetery. From 1901 to 1912 Tiffany and his team of artists designed created and installed the windows which were financed by contributions from each of the Confederate states in honor of their war dead. A guided tour of the Church reveals its history as an 18th century Anglican house of worship its eventual abandonment and fall into disrepair its use as a field hospital during the Siege of Petersburg and its restoration by the Ladies Memorial Association as a shrine to the Souths Lost Cause. Blandford Cemetery one of the oldest and largest in America is the resting place of some 30000 Confederate soldiers who lost their lives during the Siege of Petersburg. A tour includes monuments and tombs of the Confederate dead outstanding examples of eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth- century gravestones sculptures and decorative iron fences. Stained-Glass Windows by Louis Comfort Tiffany Americas Memorial Day was inspired by events at Blandford Church and Cemetery. Soon after the Civil War ended Mary Logan wife of Union General John A. Logan witnessed a group of schoolgirls placing flowers on the graves of soldiers. Deeply moved when she saw the ritual repeated the next year she related the story to her husband who took steps that ultimately led to the observance of Memorial Day as a national holiday. Three Centuries of Funerary Art DidYouKnow Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County10 History never returned. Food was in short supply. Corn became coffee and blackberry leaves tea. A chicken cost 50. The story of how the people of Petersburg lived before during and after the Civil War is told through rare artifacts and writings. The museum is housed in the Exchange Building erected in 1839 as a commodities market and one of the few such surviving buildings in America. SiegeMuseum How Civilians Survived the Longest Siege on American Soil The Siege of Petersburg dramatically affected the lives of its residents. Lavish lifestyles in the years prior to the Civil War gave way to a bitter struggle for survival. The men left to fight the war and many Admission fee charged. Gift shop on-site. Open 1000 a.m. to 500 p.m. Call for special winter hours. ClosedThanksgiving Day December 24 25 and January 1. One Center Hill Avenue Petersburg VA 23803 804-733-2401 CentreHillMuseum A Showcase of Gracious Southern Living and Style President Abraham Lincoln visited Union General George Hartsuff at Centre Hill Mansion on April 7 1865 just days after the fall of Petersburg and Richmond. In 1909 President William Howard Taft lunched at the mansion. Built in 1823 by Robert Bolling IV Centre Hill remained a lavish Petersburg residence until 1936. Often described as a symbol of the grandeur of nineteenth- century Virginia aristocracy the homes interior features outstanding examples of Greek Revival Federal and Colonial Revival architecture. For several years on the evening of January 24 residents of Centre Hill heard what they believed to be ghosts of Civil War soldiers marching up and down the homes staircase. A popular ghost watch is held annually on that date. Admission fee charged. Gift shop on-site. Open 1000 a.m. to 500 p.m. Call for special winter hours. Closed Thanksgiving Day December 24 25 and January 1. 15West Bank Street PetersburgVA 23803 804-733-2402 DidYouKnowThe basement galleries feature exhibitions on the history of Petersburg including memorabilia and photographs from Centre Hills archives a turn-of- the-century aviary of stuffed birds from Australia and furnishings from First Baptist Church in Petersburg the oldest African-American congregation in the United States. Centre Hill has been used as a set for many feature films and TV series including Killing Lincoln and Turn. Visit 11 Siege Museum Houses Hundreds of Artifacts Displays History 150 North Sycamore Street PetersburgVA 23803 Tour by appointment. 804-733-2400 Petersburg Courthouse The Petersburg Courthouse also known as Hustings Courthouse was built between 1837 and 1839. It served as Confederate headquarters during the Siege of Petersburg. On April 20 1861 local volunteers gathered in its square to enlist. On June 9 1864 its bell sounded the warning for the local militia to meet the advancing Union cavalry. During the Siege soldiers from both sides could see the courthouse clock from the trenches and they set their timepieces by it. The clock tower was a favorite target of Union artillerists who poured an estimated 20000 shells into the city. When Petersburg fell on April 3 1865 a Union flag waved above it. FarmersBank SouthSideDepot Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County12 Built in the late 1870s this unique octagonal building was constructed on a site that had been given to the city in 1806 by the Bolling family. The land had long been used as a market and in fact the current building is only the most recent of four that were built on the site the earliest dating back to 1787. The building has been used as a market a restaurant and most recently used as a setting for Steven Spielbergs Lincoln and the AMC television series Turn. 9 East Old Street PetersburgVA 23803 804 733-2400 FarmersMarket One of the oldest bank buildings in the United States the Farmers Bank of Petersburg was built in 1817. During the Siege of Petersburg the bank was hit by three shell fragments and went bankrupt in 1865 after investing in Confederate bonds. Today the Petersburg Visitor Center is housed in the restored building owned by Preservation Virginia. A tour includes the original vault room and safe printing press teller windows and other artifacts. Open 1000 a.m. to 500 p.m. Call for special winter hours. ClosedThanksgiving Day December 24 25 and January 1. 19 Bollingbrook Street PetersburgVA 23803 804-733-2400 This depot served the South Side Railroad line the last railroad left operating during the Siege of Petersburg. When Union troops finally severed the rail line it ensured the surrender of Petersburg and Richmond. After the war South Side Depot became a nexus of political development for Virginia. William Mahone a former Confederate hero turned Readjuster had his office on the second floor of the depot. The Readjuster Party was formed as a biracial coalition party with many great accomplishments such as the establishment of the Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute now Virginia State University Virginias first public college for African-Americans. South Side Depot will serve as a visitor contact station for Petersburg National Battlefield beginning in the summer of 2014. 37 River Street PetersburgVA 23803 804-733-2400 History HistoryHistory 5501 Conduit Road Colonial HeightsVA 23834 804-520-9390 FortClifton Fort Clifton was a Confederate stronghold on the Appomattox River serving as an important link in the line that defended Richmond and Petersburg in 1864 and 1865. Located on a high bluff at the junction of the Appomattox River and Swift Creek the fort controlled navigation on the river north of Petersburg and was a formidable defensive bastion that wasnt taken by Union forces until the fall of Petersburg on April 3 1865. Each year the Fort Clifton Festival is held on Mothers Day weekend. The festival Visit 13 Admission is free donations accepted. OpenTuesday through Saturday from 1000 a.m. to500p.m.andSundayfrom100p.m.to600p.m. Closed Monday. 303Virginia Avenue Colonial HeightsVA 23834 804-520-9395 VioletBankMuseum General Lees Headquarters During the Siege of Petersburg On July 30 1864 Confederate General Robert E. Lee was at his headquarters at Violet Bank Farm on the north shore of the Appomattox River overlooking Petersburg. There he received word that Union troops had detonated over 8000 pounds of gunpowder beneath Confederate defensive lines in what became known as the Battle of the Crater. Today the home is a superb example of Federal design and American interior decorative arts. The museum interprets the period from 1815 to 1873 and displays a wide array of Civil War era artifacts guns furniture glass ceramics textiles accoutrements books swords and others. It boasts some of the most sophisticated and beautiful Adam-style ceiling moldings in the country. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Virginia Historic Landmark. includes arts crafts music educational exhibits re-enactors and childrens rides. Second Oldest English Settlement in the New World HenricusHistoricalPark Located on a bluff overlooking one of the most scenic areas of the James River the 32-acre living history museum transports visitors back to the days of Pocahontas John Rolfe and the early English settlers. A re-created Arrohateck Indian village demonstrates how native people lived before contact with the English settlers. Enter several longhouses to learn how families cooked food made tools and survived the Virginia weather. See demonstrations of techniques for building canoes and making clothing leather goods and other necessities of daily life. The center of the site is a re- creation of the original English fort complete with examples of early wattle and daub homes and demonstrations of cooking and gardening. Meet period-dressed historical interpreters and learn about the daily lives of English soldiers their military weapons and the role that the fort played in the settlers lives. Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County14 History Admission fee charged. Gift shop on-site. Open Tuesday through Sunday 1000 a.m. to 500 p.m. Last ticket sold at 400 p.m. Closed Mondays and major holidays. 251 Henricus Park Road Chester VA 23836 804-748-1611 The area outside the fort demonstrates how tobacco corn and other crops sustained the settlement. Visit a planters home and tobacco barn to learn about its cultivation. Visit a re-creation of Mount Malady the first English speaking hospital built in the New World to learn about early medical care. A re-creation of the Rev. Alexander Whitakers Rocke Hall home is here and Pocahontas story at Henricus is interpreted. Civil War - Dutch Gap Canal As part of the Bermuda Hundred Campaign Union Gen. Benjamin Butler devised a plan to build a canal across the neck of land known as Dutch Gap. The purpose of the canal was to bypass Battery Dantzler and other Confederate guns along the James River. Construction of the canal took place from August to December of 1864 with the majority of the work done by African-American troops who were frequently shelled upon by nearby Confederate gun positions. By the end of the year all that was DidYouKnow The Dutch Gap Canal project was abandoned until after the war. In the 1870s Butler then a U.S. senator was able to see the canal completed. The Army Corps of Engineers widened the Dutch Gap Canal to its current extent in the 1930s. needed to complete the canal was to destruct a dam at the eastern end and the bulkhead at the western end. On January 1 1865 six tons of black powder were placed beneath the bulkhead and detonated. The bulkhead however was not dislodged and the canal remained blocked. Shortly thereafter the men working on the project were pulled away to the Siege of Petersburg. Later in January Gen. Butler was relieved of command following his failure to capture Fort Fisher in North Carolina. The Henricus bluff marks the southern side of Butlers canal. Second Lt. Walter Thorn 116th United States Colored Troops received the Medal of Honor for his heroic efforts in the Battle of Trents Reach in January of 1865. Thorn ran atop the bulkhead of the canal at Dutch Gap just before it exploded to rescue a sentry who was not pulled off duty. History Visit 15 History Considering the long history of this parish its survival and preservation are truly remarkable. The Church was reportedly used as a Union picket station in the Civil War suffering considerable damage. In 1974 a Tetragrammaton originally erected as a decorative motif in St. Mary Abbots Church Anglican in Kensington England in 1696 was given to Merchants Hope under the condition that it be restored. This early Judeo-Christian symbol for Jehovah now hangs above the altar the only one of its kind in North America. In 2006 the Church building underwent a full restoration. Merchants Hope Church is a national and state landmark. It remains in continuous use as an active parish. Free admission. Open by appointment only. 11500 Merchants Hope Road Hopewell VA 23860 804-458-1356 MerchantsHopeChurch One of Americas Oldest Churches Older than the County itself Merchants Hope dates back to early colonial days when the parish was established circa 1657. The architecture of the current structure circa 1740 is described as a low-Anglican house of worship with Flemish bond brickwork. The Merchants Hope silver communion set was made in Charleston South Carolina and dedicated on the 200th anniversary of the parish. Along with the silver a 1611 translation of the King James Bible printed in 1639-40 is on display for special occasions. Free admission. Museum shop on-site. Group tours by reservation. Open Monday through Friday 1000 a.m. to 400 p.m. Saturday Sunday 100 p.m. to 400 p.m. 6406 Courthouse Road Prince George VA 23875 804-863-0212 PrinceGeorgeCounty RegionalHeritageCenter One of Virginias Most Historic Counties Prince George County is named after Prince George of Denmark the consort of Queen Anne. Together they ruled Great Britain until his death in 1708. DidYouKnow The artifacts and exhibits in the Prince George County Regional Heritage Center tell the story of the county from its earliest beginnings to the present day. Founded in 1702 the countys borders originally stretched to North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountains. In addition to being noteworthy for its large land area Prince George has produced many fascinating people and possesses a rich and immersive history. Native son Edmund Ruffin was a noted scientist and agriculturalist who is credited with new farming methods that saved farmland throughout the region. Ruffin was also an ardent secessionist who was present at Fort Sumter when the first shot of the Civil War was fired. During that war much of what now comprises the City of Petersburg and Dinwiddie County was within the borders of Prince George. Much of the fighting in the Petersburg Campaign occurred on Prince George County soil. The Beefsteak Raid a daring cavalry attack orchestrated by Confederate General Wade Hampton to capture 2500 head of cattle from the Union Army took place along the shores of the James River in Prince George. This epic story and others like it are represented and related in the Heritage Center by illustrative and explanatory artifacts and exhibits. The Centers exhibits tell the fascinating story of the Countys history from prehistoric through first inhabitants to 20th century immigration and all of the wars that have touched its soils. African- American history Czech and Slovak 21 heritage religions education many generations are all represented and presented in the Heritage Center state-of- the art exhibits and programs. Located in the 1883 courthouse the old courtroom is also open to visitors. Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County16 History WestonPlantation The Last Plantation on the Appomattox River Weston Plantation is the very essence of the eighteenth- century Tidewater plantation mansion. Built in 1789 by William and Christian Eppes Gilliam it is notable for retaining much of its original interior. The distinctive moldings wainscoting and chair rail are mostly original and the spiral stairway features concave paneling. The tour includes all three floors grounds and gardens. Visitors learn about the generations of families who resided at Weston and the Civil War adventures of young Emma and George Wood based on her own journal. She recounts the time when Even though the Civil War is long over soldiers still wander the halls of Weston Plantation The home is famously haunted by the specters of fallen soldiers. DidYouKnowAdmission fee charged. Gift shop on-site. Open Monday through Saturday from 1000 a.m. to 430 p.m. Sunday from 100 p.m. to 430 p.m. Closed on designated holidays. 21st Avenue Weston Lane Hopewell VA 23860 804-458-4682 the yard of the house was caught in a crossfire between Union gunboats and Confederate cavalrymen. When Emmas sister was stricken with a debilitating illness she recalls President Lincolns own physician Dr. Joseph K. Barnes personally saw to her care. Today the lives of the children are interpreted during Westons annual Emma and George Days a two- day event where visitors learn about life during the Civil War. Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County10 St.DennisChapel The building was originally constructed in 1887 as a chapel for Catholic sailors. In 1981 it was aquired by the Historic Hopewell Foundation and opened to the public in 1995. Visit 17 The City Point Early History Museum is currently located in the building and the featured exhibit is Seeking Freedom Where the Two Rivers Meet The Contrabands and City Point. Contraband was the term used for slaves who escaped to freedom either behind Union Army lines or to the north during the Civil War. African-American families arrived at City Point seeking freedom with the arrival of the Union army in 1864. Here many found employment in the Union war effort and some went on to become soldiers in the Union army. Open by appointment only and during special events. 603 Brown Avenue Hopewell VA 23860 804-458-2564 OpenTuesday Thursday 1000 a.m. to 200 p.m. 14101 Boydton Plank Road Dinwiddie CountyVA 23841 804-469-5346 Open by appointment only. 19621 Namozine Road SutherlandVA 23885 804-265-8141 ForkInn Fork Inn is a restored 14-room tavern built in 1803. It served as a stagecoach stop and was used as a hospital following one of the last Civil War battles. Furnishings are from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Civil War memorabilia include weapons personal items clothing medical instruments and a Confederate soldiers wooden leg. Fork Inn is one of the sites along the 26-stop Lees Retreat route from Petersburg to Appomattox Court House National Historical Park. Each year Fork Inn hosts Southside Virginia Heritage Days in early spring and a Ghost Tour in October. Built in 1851 the Dinwiddie County Courthouse was the headquarters of Union General Philip H. Sheridan during the Battle of Dinwiddie and the Battle of Five Forks. The Unions victory at Five Forks lead to thecapture of Lees lastrailroad supply lineinto Petersburgand the eventualfall of the city. The adjacentCalvary Episcopal Church was usedas a hospital bythe First MaineCavalry. Markerscommemoratebattles fought nearby and ten unknown Union soldiers are buried in the churchyard. Dinwiddie County was the birthplace of Elizabeth Hobbs Keckly who was a friend and confidante of Mary Todd Lincoln. Open daily sunrise to sunset. 10th Avenue at Davis Street HopewellVA 23860 804-795-2031 CityPointNationalCemetery City Point todays Hopewell served as General Ulysses S. Grants headquarters during the Siege of Petersburg. Seven hospitals there administered most of the care for the injured and mortally wounded. The dead were originally interred in burial grounds near the hospitals. Later they were re-interred at City Point National Cemetery. Today 5038 Federal soldiers are buried there including nearly 1400 African-Americans who died fighting for the Union. The cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. HistoricDinwiddieCountyCourthouse History Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County18 The Courthouse was active through 1998 and now serves as the home to the Dinwiddie County Historical Societys museum. Mid-LothianMines The first commercially mined coal in America came from Midlothian where it was discovered near the French Huguenot settlement on the James River about 1701. During the 18th century Mid- Lothian coal was used to support the Revolutionary War. Thomas Jefferson in his Notes on Virginia stated that the quality of coal in Chesterfield County was excellent. During the American Civil War demand for coal reached its peak with Mid-Lothian Mines sending trainloads of coal to Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond for the casting of cannons for the Confederacy. Every October the annual Mid-Lothian Mine Day event is offered in conjunction with Midlothian Village Day on the third Saturday of the month. During this event the public can take a guided tour hear period music performances at the new amphitheater experience living history displays on coal mining and railroads and children can play period games. Free admission. Open dawn to dusk. Group tours available. 13301 NorthWoolridge Road MidlothianVA 23114 804-751-4946 History OpenTuesday through Friday 1000 a.m. to 400 p.m. Saturday 1000 a.m. to 200 p.m. Closed Sunday Monday and county holidays. 6813 6819 Mimms Loop ChesterfieldVA 23832 804-768-7311 ChesterfieldCountyMuseum andOldJail The Chesterfield County Museum is the place to begin your journey through the countys rich history. Built as a replica of the countys 1750 courthouse the museum is located directly behind the historic 1917 courthouse. Exhibits depict Virginia Indian culture early European settlement of the area the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and the first ironworks and coal mines in America. The Old Jail adjacent to the museum was built in 1892 and housed prisoners for 70 years. The second floor features original iron-barred cells that are virtually unchanged since the last prisoners occupied them in 1962. The first floor holds rotating exhibits about Chesterfield County and its historic past. One popular program offered at the Old Jail is the paranormal investigation and tour where guests explore the jail with an expert in paranormal activity. 27 Freeadmission.Opendawntodusk. 6407 Jefferson Davis Highway North Chesterfield VA 23234 804-748-1623 FallingCreekIronworksPark This park is the site of the first ironworks in the New World. The close proximity of raw iron ore wood for fuel and power provided by the falling water made the Falling Creek site perfect for this development. The Virginia Company built the ironworks between 1619 and 1622 and iron production began in late 1621 but was halted on March 22 1622 during the Indian uprising by the Powhatan Chiefdom. Today this archaeological site yields information about iron production. Every March the Falling Creek Archaeology Day event is offered. There are archaeological tours Native American singing and dancing musket demonstrations period demonstrations musical performances and childrens activities. Visit 19 Open for tours by appointment. 1289 Upper Appomattox Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-732-9882 Battersea Built in 1768 on the banks of the Appomattox River for Colonel John Banister Petersburgs first mayor Revolutionary War Patriot and framer of the Articles of Confederation Battersea is an important colonial urban villa. It is built in the neo-Palladian style that was popularized in England in the eighteenth century and embraced in Colonial Virginia and features a spectacular Chinese Chippendale staircase. Each year on the third weekend in April Battersea is the setting of a commemorative reenactment of the Battle of Petersburg fought on April 25 1781. Other special events and tours are held throughout the year. Admission fee charged. Gift shop on-site. OpenTuesday through Friday from 1000 a.m. to 400 p.m. Saturday from 1000 a.m. to 200 p.m. Closed Sunday Monday and county holidays. 10020 Ironbridge Road ChesterfieldVA 23832 804-796-1479 MagnoliaGrange A Handsome Federal-Style Plantation House Built in 1822 by William Winfree Magnolia Grange is named after the circle of magnolia trees that once graced its front lawn. It was originally part of a large land grant to John Worsham in 1691. Noted for its distinctive architecture Magnolia Grange contains elaborate ceiling medallions as well as sophisticated carvings on mantels doorways and window enframements. Careful paint restoration has been executed through wood graining and marbelizing. Scenic wallpaper by Zuber and carpeting of the period combined with authentic furnishings returned the house to the 1820s. The house is a Virginia Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Magnolia Grange holds several special events annually that are open to the public. Haunted Eppington Plantation built around 1770 was the home of Francis Eppes VI who married the half-sister of Thomas Jeffersons wife. Jeffersonadmired the Chesterfield County plantation on the Appomattox River and visited often. After the death of his wife Martha in 1782 Jefferson brought two of his three daughters to live with their aunt and uncle while he served as minister to France. Lucy the youngest of the three died at Eppington of whooping cough in 1784 and is believed to be buried in the small family burial ground there. Eppington is open the first Saturday in October for its annual Eppington Heritage Day that is free to the public. Group tours by reservation. 14201 Eppes Falls Road ChesterfieldVA 23838 804-751-4946 Eppington History Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County20 Lantern Tours are held in October that offer historic ghost stories period vignettes and childrens crafts activities. In December the annual Christmas Open House provides visitors an opportunity to see the house decorated as it would have been in the 19th century. There are period Historic Teas offered throughout the year with guest speakers. CivilWar HistoryHistory Visit for special events 9 PeterJonesTradingStation Remains of what is quite possibly the oldest building in Petersburg Peter Jones Trading Station was built in the mid-1600s. It was used by local residents and Native Americans as a hub for trading along the Appomattox River. During the Civil War the building served as a prison and a hospital. Most of the building was destroyed by a fire in the 1980s. OldBrickHouse Built in 1685 by Richard Kennon an English gentleman it is considered the oldest brick house in the region and thought by some to be the oldest in Virginia. It is located on the promontory between Swift Creek and the Appomattox River and was simply called Brick House. The peninsula on which it stands is often referred to as Conjurors Neck because a Native American magician once lived there. The property is owned and operated by the Old Brick House Foundation. Tours by appointment. 131Waterfront Drive Colonial HeightsVA 23834 804-520-9476 21Visit 21 Upper Brandon Upper Brandon Plantation on the James River was part of an original land patent known as Brandon granted to Captain John Martin one of the founders of Jamestown. The property was purchased by Benjamin Harrison II of Wakefield in 1712. In 1807 the 7000 acre property was divided between the sons of Benjamin Harrison III with William Byrd Harrison inheriting the 3555 acres that became Upper Brandon. He built the manor house in 1825 and developed the farm into a model of modern agricultural management. It remained in the Harrison family until 1948. The farming methods have become a model for blending the best agricultural and wildlife management practices. In addition to the farm Upper Brandon is available for conferences special events and water fowl hunts. City Point the oldest part of Hopewell was founded in 1613 by Sir Thomas Dale for the Virginia Company. Its strategic location on a bluff overlooking the confluence of the James and Appomattox Rivers ensured a key role in Virginias history. A Revolutionary War skirmish took place on its banks. General Ulysses S. Grant directed the ten-month Siege of Petersburg from the grounds of Appomattox Plantation. Overnight the tiny village became one of the worlds busiest ports supplying 100000 Union troops. A pleasant walking tour highlights 25 historic homes and structures with most focusing on City Points Civil War history. Outdoor storyboards located throughout the historic area enhance the visitors experience. Beautiful views of the James and Appomattox Rivers add to the charm. 1802 Upper Brandon Road Spring GroveVA 23881 757-866-5000 505 Cedar Lane toWater Street HopewellVA 23860 804 541-2461 CityPointOpenAirMuseum Featuring 25 Historic Homes and Structures Self-guided tours or tours by appointment. Short Market Street Grove Avenue PetersburgVA 23803 804 733-2096 History U.S.Army WomensMuseum The Only Museum in the World Dedicated to Army Women The U.S. Army Womens Museum honors womens contributions to the Army from the Revolutionary War to the present telling their stories with artifacts interactive exhibits educational programs videos dioramas historical displays and photographs throughout the galleries and with film presentations in the theater. Among the many fascinating women you will learn about are Margaret Corbin who took up arms and fought in place of her fallen husband during the Revolutionary War and Cathay Williams who hid her true identity and changed her name to William Cathay in order to fight as a Buffalo soldier. The museum has an exhibit that interprets the many roles of women in support of the Union and Confederate soldiers. Their fascinating stories as nurses and spies are highlighted and a special section on the lengths to which women went to serve even disguising themselves as men are explored. Enter a World War II barracks scene and join the ranks for a GI or Government Issue clothing inspection. Trace the history of the Womens Army Auxiliary Corps and the Womens Army Corps from their beginnings in 1942. Learn about the important work of the Womens Army Corps during the 1950s-1970s and the expanding opportunities afforded women in the decades after. Women continue to play a vital role in todays Army having reached the top of the Armys officer and enlisted ranks. They have commanded soldiers and fought on the front line in the Global War on Terrorism. American women have served on division staffs led convoys laid miles of fuel pipeline across the desert and patrolled the streets of foreign countries. In the last decade the role of Army women has greatly expanded and continues to do so. Exhibits about their role in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan interpret their contributions. Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County22 Admission is free. Gift shop on-site. Open Tuesday through Friday 1000 a.m. to 500 p.m. Saturday 1100 a.m. to 500 p.m. Closed Sunday Monday and Federal Holidays. 2100 Adams Street Building 5219 Fort Lee VA 23801 804-734-4327 Visitors must use the Sisisky Gate. Picture ID vehicle registration insurance required. Admission is free. Gift shop on-site. OpenMondaythroughFriday1000a.m.to500pm Saturday Sunday 1100 a.m. to 500 p.m. ClosedThanksgiving Christmas and NewYears. 2220 Adams Avenue Building 5218 Fort LeeVA 23801 804-734-4203 Visitors must use the Sisisky Gate. Picture ID vehicle registration insurance required. TheU.S.ArmyQuartermasterMuseum The Nations Fourth Largest Army Museum Shortly before the beginning of operation Desert Storm in 1991 a television reporter asked a retired Army general to speculate on the tactics that would be used to drive Saddam Husseins forces from Kuwait. The general responded Amateurs focus on tactics but professionals focus on logistics. Logistics the art and science of moving tons of food fuel clothing and ammunition to troops thousands of miles from home has been the genius of the U.S. Army throughout its history. Their fascinating story is told only at Fort Lees U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum. Since its birth during the Revolutionary War in 1775 the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps has fed clothed and equipped the U.S. Army. The Museums eleven exhibit galleries tell the stories of how the Quartermasters have provided logistical support from Valley Forge and Little Big Horn to Vietnam and the present day. Some of the Museums significant artifacts include the nations first 50-star flag General George Pattons World War II jeep General Grants Civil War saddle and General Eisenhowers World War II field quarters. Others include uniforms flags weapons horse Visit 23 History equipment food preparation mortuary affairs water petroleum and air delivery equipment. The Museums 26000 artifacts make it the fourth largest Army museum in the country. History African-American History The Petersburg Region has an extraordinarily rich African-American heritage that dates from the earliest English settlers in the 1600s to the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. Colonial African-American History In the 1600s English colonists sailed up the James and Appomattox Rivers and built settlements alongside Native Americans and brought with them their indentured servants and slaves as laborers. In the 1700s a large number of enslaved Africans entered Virginia at Bermuda Hundred todays Chesterfield County. Later in the century the area was a hotbed of abolitionist sentiment and home to many of the movements leaders. The areas population of free blacks grew and gained a degree of economic independence. By 1860 Petersburg had one of the largest free African-American populations in Virginia and the nation. The first black Baptist church in America First African Baptist Church was founded in 1774 in Prince George County. It later moved to Petersburg where it became known as First Baptist Church and still operates at 236 Harrison Street. . Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County24 Civil War and Reconstruction During the Civil War African-Americans both built the Confederate fortifications that protected Petersburg and distinguished themselves in attacking those fortifications with the Union Army as U.S. Colored Troops. African-American troops captured City Point from which Union General Ulysses S. Grant directed the Siege of Petersburg. In the 1880s free blacks in the Petersburg area aligned with former Confederate General William Little Billy Mahone who helped found Virginias first public college for African- Americans the Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute now known as Virginia State University. 1 Hayden Drive Petersburg VA 23806 804 524-5000 Elizabeth Keckley Elizabeth Keckley was born a slave in Diniwiddie County and later lived in Petersburg. Keckley eventually bought her freedom and made her way to Washington D.C. where she became a trusted confidante of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln. During the closing days of the Civil War while President Abraham Lincoln stayed in the Petersburg area Ms. Keckley visited the region with Mrs. Lincoln. Jim Crow and Civil Rights The conservative Democratic political machine that arose to rid Virginia of African-American political influence lasted for eight decades and established the pattern of Jim Crow segregation laws in Virginia. Its power was finally broken and Jim Crow was ended by the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visited the area repeatedly during this period culminating in a major speech at Virginia State University on July 2 1965. Virginia State University today History in Old Towne Petersburg tied to African- American history and the Underground Railroad. Petersburg Visitor Center 19 Bollingbrook Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-733-2400 HistoricSitesandTours Visit 25 Pocahontas Island This tiny peninsula on the Appomattox River is thought to be Petersburgs earliest predominantly African-American neighborhood. The first enslaved blacks were brought here in 1732 to work tobacco and it became its own town 20 years later. The Pocahontas IslandRichard A. Stewart Museum houses a private collection of African-American artifacts. Tours by appointment. 224 Witten Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-861-8889 Pamplin Historical Park Pamplin Historical Parks acclaimed National Museum of the Civil War Soldier features the stories of 13 soldiers including black soldier Sgt. Alexander H. Newton of the 29th Connecticut Infantry. The Field Quarter is one of Americas finest slave life exhibits. Reproduction cabins outbuildings and a garden replicate the meager living conditions of field slaves and their families. At the Banks House visitors may experience the rare opportunity to view an original 1840s slave structure. Petersburg National Battlefield Petersburg National Battlefield offers a free brochure titled African-Americans at Petersburg that highlights the actions of the 850 slaves and free blacks who helped build the Confederate fortifications around Petersburg and the 7800 U.S. Colored Troops who fought and died in the campaign. Petersburg The Underground Railroad and the Struggle for Freedom There is a brochure and walking tour map which is a guide to discovering 28 sites 8018 Boydton Plank Road PetersburgVA 23803 804-862-3174 VirginiaMotorsportsPark Largest Facility of its Kind on the East Coast Virginia Motorsports Park is a state-of- the-art 500-acre facility that is the home to some of the countrys hottest racing action including Drag Racing Mud Bog Motocross Autocross Truck and Tractor Pulls the Great Bull Run a Family ATV Park and hosts the Dinwiddie County Fair. The quarter-mile drag strip offers a variety of events including the NHRA Nationals and other racing featuring dragsters funny cars jet cars street rods motorcycles and monster trucks. It seats 3000 spectators and has 60 acres of pit space. The Mud Bog is home to some of the dirtiest action in racing. Its two tracks featureover 200 feet of mud-slinging challenges. Events sanctioned by the National Mud Bog Association include the Spring Fling Mud Sling Dinwiddie Mud Bash and Mud Mania. The new Family All Terrain Vehicle ATV Park offers over 250 acres of riding space a pavilion picnic area snack bar and showers. There are three trails for all skill levels. Sports Recreation Admission fee charged. Gift shop and 2 concession stands on-site. Open Monday through Saturday 930 a.m. to 500 p.m. Closed Sunday. 8300 Beaver Ridge Road MoseleyVA 23120 804-739-5666 MetroRichmondZoo A Wild World Awaits You View more than 2000 animals representing 180 species from around the world. Experience the rare opportunity to see more than 20 endangered species including tapirs cheetahs rhinos tigers and orangutans. Metro Richmond Zoo is one of the few zoos in the world that allows you to visit a herd of giraffes up close and let these gentle giants eat right out of your hand. And dont miss the chance to learn about African penguins during the two daily feedings or question and answer sessions with the keepers. Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County26 Top off your visit with a peaceful and scenic tour high above the zoo on the Safari Sky Ride. Treetop Zoofari Zip Line Adventure Park This exciting tree-to-tree outdoor adventure allows visitors to experience nature like never before high in the forest canopy. The course offers exercise fun adventure challenges and builds confidence as you travel through varying degrees of thrilling obstacles such as jungle ropes floating logs tight wires Indiana Jones bridges a surf board zip Tarzan swing and everyones favorite the zip lines. Sixteen zip lines carry you over 3000 feet through the forest and above the zoo including a mammoth 600-foot zip over the zoos lake. Miracle of Christmas-Live at the Zoo Each December a live nativity pageant featuring animals from the zoo re-tells the Christmas story from 2000 years ago. This outdoor event is free to the public. AppomattoxRiverHeritageTrail The Appomattox River is a popular destination for whitewater rafting canoeing fishing and birdwatching. It flows from Lake Chesdin through the region and joins the James River at Hopewell where the two rivers once served as the pathway for early English settlers into Virginia and became the largest port in the nation during the Civil War. The Friends of the Lower Appomattox River FOLAR has developed a series of Blueways navigable water and Greenways hiking trails that reveal the beauty of the Appomattox River. 10301 State Park Road Chesterfield VA 23832 804-796-4255 PocahontasStatePark An Outdoors Lovers Dream Pocahontas State Park is Virginias largest with over 7900 acres and two lakes making it an outdoor recreation lovers dream come true. Fishing is available on Swift Creek Lake and Beaver Lake. Boaters using electric motors may access Swift Creek Lake. The park rents canoes kayaks rowboats and paddleboats. Hikers and bikers enjoy 58 miles of trails. Twelve miles of trails are for mountain biking and there are nine miles of bridle trails available for horseback riding. Park interpreters offer environmental nature and historical education programs for all ages in the Nature Center. There is also the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum dedicated to the Depression-era workers who helped build the state park system. Campers enjoy sites with electric and water hookups restrooms hot showers grills and picnic tables. Group cabins campsites and picnic shelters are available for rent. There is a pool and aquatic recreation. During summer months there are outdoor concerts most weekends. Sports Recreation 27Visit 4125 Harpers Road McKenneyVA 23872 804-478-5468 880W. Roslyn Road Colonial HeightsVA 23834 804-524-0020 IronbridgeSportsPark Ironbridge Sports Park features a driving range in a park-like setting with grass tees and gas heaters for year-round comfort. The 18-hole miniature golf course includes six ponds and a huge waterfall. The nine- station batting cage features fast and slow pitch softball and baseball. The park also features go-kart tracks and a large Battlefield Live paintball arena. The Huckleberry Caf offers homemade food every day. SwadersSportsPark Swaders is a family-friendly sports park featuringLasertag Go-Karts two 18-Hole Miniature Golf Courses Driving Range nine Batting Cages Playsmart Indoor KidZone 70 arcade games Route 66 Bowling and several rooms for birthday parties and outings of all sizes. There is also a Corporate Center with projection screens and internet for team building exercises or group functions. After enjoying all of the fun satisfy your taste buds with refreshments in the Dug Out where a variety of appetizing items will get you to the next round of adventures at Swaders. 4725Whitehill Boulevard Prince GeorgeVA 23875 804-733-3700 RockwoodGolfPark Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County28 Sports Recreation Rockwood Golf Park offers a driving range with a covered tee area that is lighted and heated for year-round use. Batting cages have pitching systems that allow speeds to be adjusted. Miniature golf and a paintball field round out the fun. Meeting rooms are available for group functions. 10239 Hull Street MidlothianVA 23112 804-276-3765 KeystoneTractorWorks Keystone is home to 170 restored antique tractors including ten different rare John Deere models. In addition to the rows and rows of gleaming antique tractors and trucks are exhibits of Virginia tobacco products antique tools one of the largest model truck collections in the world and shelves stocked with vintage soda bottles. LuckyLakeGem MineralMineofVirginia From the amateur to the advanced rock collector the search for gemstones starts using a modern flume line. Stones are examined free of charge and can be made into jewelry. 11400 Ironbridge Road ChesterVA 23831 804-748-7770 Golf The Petersburg area boasts some of Virginias finest golf. Our wooded rolling layouts will reward players of all abilities. Tee times are easy to arrange. Sports Recreation ChesterfieldCounty Birkdale Golf Club Open to the public 8511 Royal Birkdale Drive ChesterfieldVA 23832 804-739-8800 Brandermill Country Club Private 3700 Brandermill Parkway MidlothianVA 23112 804-744-1185 The Country Club at the Highlands Private 8136 Highland Glen Drive ChesterfieldVA 23838 804-796-4800 The FirstTee Chesterfield Open to the public 6736 Hunting Creek Drive RichmondVA 23237-2326 804-275-8050 www.thefirstteerichmond Independence Golf Club Open to the public 600 Founders Bridge Boulevard MidlothianVA 23113 804-897-8641 Chesdin Country Club Private 21801 Lake Chesdin Parkway ChesterfieldVA 23838 804-590-0031 or 0032 Meadowbrook Country Club Private 3700 Cogbill Road RichmondVA 23234 804-275-9189 Providence Golf Club Open to the public 1160 South Providence Road RichmondVA 23236 804-276-1865 Rivers Bend Golf Club Open to the public 11700 Hogans Alley ChesterVA 23836 804-530-1000 Salisbury Country Club Private 13620W. Salisbury Road MidlothianVA 23113 804-794-6841 httpsalisburycc.comgolf Stonehenge Golf Country Club Private 1000 Farnham Drive RichmondVA 23236 804-378-7845 Windy Hill Golf Sports Complex Open to the public 16500 MidlothianTurnpike MidlothianVA 23113 804-794-0010 FortLee Cardinal Golf Club Open to active duty and retired military federal employees Building 11810 A Avenue Fort LeeVA 23801 804-734-2899 Petersburg DogwoodTrace Golf Course Open to the public 3180 Homestead Drive PetersburgVA 23803 804-732-5573 PrinceGeorgeCounty Country Club of Petersburg Private 1250 Flank Road PetersburgVA 23805 804-733-4458 Jordan Point Country Club Open to the public 1100 Jordan Point Road HopewellVA 23860 804-458-0141 www.virginiagolf.comjordanpoint. html Prince George Golf Course Open to the public 8399 Golf Course Drive DisputantaVA 23842 804-991-2251 29Visit Equestrian Petersburg National Battlefield Petersburg National Battlefield offers miles of multi-use public trails available to horseback riders at the Eastern Front and at Five Forks Battlefield. Horse trailer parking is available. 804-732-3531 Pocahontas State Park The park boasts nine miles of bridle trails. A horse trailer parking lot is available overnight accommodations for horses are not. 1-800-933-PARK Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County30 Sports Recreation PetersburgGenerals The Petersburg Generals are a summer wood bat baseball team that belongs to the Coastal Plain League. Team members include some of the best college players in the nation. The Generals play ball from May through August with the home field located at the Petersburg Sports Complex. MarinasandBoatLaunches AppomattoxRiver Anchor Point Marina 303 Beacon Ridge Drive HopewellVA 23860 804-541-6200 Appomattox Boat Harbor 1604 Fine Street Prince GeorgeVA 23875 804-536-1200 Hopewell City Marina 1051West Riverside Avenue HopewellVA 23860 804-541-2353 Appomattox River Canoe Launch 21501 Chesdin Road South ChesterfieldVA 23803 804-748-1624 Appomattox River Regional Park 1052 River Road North Prince GeorgeVA 23875 804-458-6164 LakeChesdinPartofthe AppomattoxRiver Lake Chesdin Campground Boat Ramp 713 Sutherland Road Church RoadVA 23833 804-265-9000 Lake Chesdin Boat Ramp Chesdin Lake Road Route 776 SutherlandVA 23885 Whippernock Marina Campgrounds 2700 Sutherland Road SutherlandVA 23885 804-265-5252 Seven Springs Marina 8629 River Road South ChesterfieldVA 23803 JamesRiver Dutch Gap Boat Ramp 441 Coxendale Road ChesterVA 23831 804-318-8735 Jordan PointYacht Haven 101 Jordan Point Road HopewellVA 23860 804-458-3398 Robious Landing Park 3800 James River Road MidlothianVA 23113 804-748-1624 In addition to being two of Americas most historic rivers the Appomattox and the James provide some of the best boating fishing canoeing and kayaking in Virginia. Sports Recreation 100 Ballpark Road PetersburgVA 23805 804-733-2394 31 Open year-round. 17401 Jefferson Davis Highway South Chesterfield VA 23834 804-748-5203 SwiftCreekMillTheatre Take a step up in entertainment and back in history at Swift Creek Mill Theatre. Known as the Peoples Playhouse the theatre is housed in the 350-year- old Swift Creek Mill which is a local state and national historic landmark. Offering optional Virginia-Style Buffet Dining before every Mainstage performance and exceptional live theatre the Mill is sure to be one of your favorite stops in the Petersburg area. Civil War Trails marker for the Battle of Swift Creek is on-site. 401 North Main Street HopewellVA 23860 804-446-3457 BeaconTheatre One of Hopewells most visible landmarks the Beacon Theatre opened in 1928 and captured the hearts of film goers until its closing in 1981. Today the Beacon has been restored and reopened as a performing arts venue hosting a Arts Entertainment Visit year-round schedule of concerts by nationally known musicians artistic and performing arts events as well as a wine festival weddings balls and corporate meetings. The Beacon features a 637-seat art deco theatre. The Theater Company at Fort Lee has become one of the most active performing groups in the region offering a variety of Main Stage productions like Broadway musicals comedies and dramas. Staged at the Lee Playhouse these evening and matinee performances are open to the public. Season tickets are available. Fort Lees live childrens theater program KidKapers not only delights but also educates and inspires young people in the community while creating memories that families will treasure for years to come. Building 4300 Mahone Avenue Fort LeeVA 23801 804-734-6629 LeePlayhouse Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County32 The Petersburg Area Art League showcases the works of local artists through exhibitions in three galleries that change on the second Friday of each month to coincide with Friday for the Arts in Old Towne Petersburg. Local artists create works in oils watercolors acrylics pastels jewelry sculpture and mixed media. Original works and prints are available for sale. PAAL presents a summer concert series each year and a favorite annual event in December is the Trees of Christmas exhibition that features the decorating skills of local organizations. 7 East Old Street PetersburgVA 23803 804-861-4611 PetersburgAreaArtLeague Arts Entertainment ChesterfieldTowneCenter Macys Barnes Noble J.C. Penney Garden Ridge and Sears are the anchors for this major regional shopping center which also offers over 100 retailers and specialty shops. Other national retailers and restaurants are very accessible along Midlothian Turnpike and Huguenot Road. 11500MidlothianTurnpike NorthChesterfieldVA 23235 804794-4660 OldTownePetersburgVisiting Old Towne Petersburg is like stepping back into an 1800s movie set with cobblestone streets and national landmark buildings. In fact this area has been used for many feature films and TV series including Lincoln Killing Lincoln The Abolitionist and AMCs newest drama Turn. The historic buildings house boutiques antiques spas specialty shops art venues and specialty restaurants making for a truly special experience. From 1-95 take Exit 52 and follow the PetersburgVisitor Center signs. 804 733-2400 SouthparkMall Located at Exits 53 54 on I-95 Southpark Mall is a shopping destination. It is anchored by Macys Dicks Sporting Goods J. C. Penney and Sears with more than 80 specialty shops. It is home to Regal Cinemas Stadium 16 a state-of-the-art movie theater complex. Surrounding the mall are most of the major national retailers along with a variety of restaurants and four hotels. 230 Southpark Circle Colonial HeightsVA 23834 804 526-3900 SycamoreSquare Sycamore Squares design is taken from a colonial village with 30 shops and restaurants along with the convenience of banks and a large grocery store in the center of the Village of Midlothian in western Chesterfield County. MidlothianTurnpike at Crowder Road MidlothianVA 23113 Specialty Shopping Visit 33 Specialty Shopping ChesterfieldCounty Bellwood Flea Market 9201 Jefferson Davis Highway North Chesterfield VA 23237 804-275-1187 Buckingham Antique Mall 13150 Midlothian Turnpike Midlothian VA 23113 804-893-4056 The Chester Drawers 4218 Old Hundred Road Chester VA 23831 804-768-2272 Coalfield Station Antiques 13597 Midlothian Turnpike Midlothian VA 23113 804-794-7425 Country Store and Decor 11924 Centre Street Chester VA 23831 804-748-8392 Game Board Antiques 16300 Midlothian Turnpike Midlothian VA 23113 804-794-9200 Gates Antiques Ltd. 12700 Old Buckingham Road Midlothian VA 23113 804-794-8472 The Lazy Daisy Country Gift Store 4313 Old Hundred Road Chester VA 23831 804-357-2690 Maggies Rivers Bend 253 E. Hundred Road Chester VA 23836 804-530-9006 She Chester 11884 Chester Village Drive Chester VA 23831 804-717-5305 Sixty West Antique Mall 8004 Midlothian Turnpike North Chesterfield VA 23235 804-560-5557 Timeless Treasures Chester 4100 W. Hundred Road Chester VA 23831 804-638-1110 ColonialHeights A Little Bit of This That 30 Pickwick Avenue Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-504-0000 Civil War Shop 3504 Boulevard Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-520-4954 Community Chest 3301 Boulevard Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-479-3514 Antiquesmore Grantiques 109 Pickwick Avenue Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-691 -1009 ModVinTique 206 Chesterfield Avenue Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-520-6434 Side Street Gallery 127-129 Pickwick Avenue Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-536-0011 DinwiddieCounty HiddenCreekAntiquesPrimitives 20515 Cox Road Sutherland VA 23885 804-586-5330 Sutherlands Tavern Antiques 19621 Namozine Road Sutherland VA 23885 804-943-2283 Yellow Gate Place 10306 Boydton Plank Road Dinwiddie VA 23841 804-691-1147 Hopewell All Manor of Things 400 Weston Lane Hopewell VA 23860 804-458-4682 Bobbys Antiques Collectibles 213 E. Broadway Hopewell VA 23860 804-712-2100 Carousel 209 E. Broadway Hopewell VA 23860 804-541-7628 Celias Gifts Antiques 308 E. Broadway Hopewell VA 23860 804-458-3058 FDM Tactical 216 E. Broadway Hopewell VA 23860 804-651-8943 Hamilton Civil War Relic Shop 263 E. Broadway Hopewell VA 23860 804-704-4129 Silver Unicorn Time Capsule 205 E. Broadway Hopewell VA 23860 804-458-4002 Victorias Attic 239 E. Broadway Avenue Hopewell VA 23860 804-452-1239 Gift Shop Hopewell-Prince George Visitor Center 4100 Oaklawn Boulevard Hopewell VA 23860 804-541-2461 Petersburg Antique Genius 23 W. Old Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-479-3974 Arleene Herriman 246 N. Sycamore Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-722-0905 At The Globe 201 N. Sycamore Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-862-3097 Bear Necessities 36 Rives Road Petersburg VA 23805 804-732-2787 Bling Consignments 10 Bollingbrook Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-586-1633 Jerrys Antiques More 121 Bollingbrook Street Petersburg VA 23803 Petersburg Pickers Estate Tag Sales 100 Bollingbrook Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-586-1633 Market 406 406 N. Market Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-731-8902 Marys Place 414 N. Sycamore Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-943-2940 The Oak Antique Mall 400 N. Sycamore Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-861-6111 Pennistons Alley 102 West Old Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-722-0135 Second Hand Rose 11 N. Sycamore Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-721-7690 Southern Bell 944 E. Wythe Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-733-1533 Sweet Dixie 8 West Bank Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-732-0707 Sycamore Antiques Architectural Art 248 North Sycamore Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-732-9595 Uber Art-Antik 20 W. Old Street Petersburg VA 23803 804-892-4473 Votava 531 Grove Avenue Petersburg VA 23803 804-536-4037 Petersburg Museum Gift Shops The Siege Museum Centre Hill Museum Petersburg Visitor Center Blandford Church 804-733-2400 www. PrinceGeorgeCounty Bargain Corner Gifts Antiques 4703 County Drive Disputanta VA 23842 804-861-1524 Disputanta Antiques Depot 10026 10032 County Drive Disputanta VA 23842 804-991-9323 Newville Country Store 14601 Pole Run Road Disputanta VA 23842 804-541-4091 The Old Country Store Antiques 10020 County Drive Disputanta VA 23842 804-991-3337 Parkers Grocery 14001 James River Drive North Prince George VA 23860 804-458-4464 Gift Shop Prince George County Regional Heritage Center 6404 Courthouse Drive Prince George VA 23875 804-863-0212 Antiquesmore cont Specialty Shopping Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County34 SouthofRichmond ChesterArea Comfort Inn Chester 2100 W. Hundred Rd. Chester VA 23836 804-751-0000 AAA 3 Diamonds Exit 61A off I-95 Exit 15B off I-295 Country Inn Suites by Carlson 2406 W. Hundred Rd. Chester VA 23831 804-751-0080 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 61B off I-95 Country Inn Suites by Carlson 2401 Willis Rd. Chester VA 23831 804-275-5900 AAA - 2 Diamonds Exit 64 off I-95 Courtyard by Marriott RichmondChester 2001 W. Hundred Rd. Chester VA 23836 804-414-1010 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 61A off I-95 Exit 15B off I-295 Fairfield Inn by Marriott Chester 12400 Redwater Creek Rd. Chester VA 23831 804-778-7500 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 61B off I-95 Exit 15B off I-295 Hampton Inn Chester 12610 Chestnut Hill Rd. Chester VA 23836 804-768-8888 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 15B off I-295 Holiday Inn Express Chester 1911 W. Hundred Rd. Chester VA 23836 804-751-0123 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 61A off I-95 Homewood Suites by Hilton Richmond-Chester 12810 Old Stage Rd. Chester VA 23836 804-751-0010 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 61A off I-95 Hyatt Place Richmond Chester 13148 Kingston Ave. Chester VA 23836 804-530-4600 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 15B off I-295 Exit 61A off I-95 La Quinta Inn Richmond South 9040 Pams Ave. Richmond VA 23237 804-743-0770 AAA 2 Diamonds Exit 64 off I-95 Quality Inn Chester 12711 Old Stage Rd. Chester VA 23836 804-796-5200 AAA 2 Diamonds Exit 61A off I-95 Exit 15B off I-295 Sleep Inn South 2321 Willis Rd. Richmond VA 23237 804-275-8800 AAA - 2 Diamonds Exit 64 off I-95 SouthwestofRichmond MidlothianArea Best Western Plus Governors Inn 9826 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond VA 23235 804-323-0007 AAA - 3 Diamonds Comfort Inn Midlothian 8710 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond VA 23235 804-320-8900 AAA - 3 Diamonds DoubleTreeHotelRichmondMidlothian 1021 Koger Center Blvd. Richmond VA 23235 804-379-3800 AAA - 3 Diamonds Econo Lodge Richmond West 6523 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond VA 23235 804-276-8241 AAA - 2 Diamonds Extended Stay America No. Chesterfield Arboretum 241 Arboretum Place Richmond VA 23236 804-272-1800 AAA - 2 Diamonds Hampton Inn Hull Street 9620 Price Club Blvd. Midlothian VA 23112 804-675-0000 AAA - 3 Diamonds Hampton Inn Midlothian Turnpike 800 Research Rd. Richmond VA 23236 804-897-6099 AAA - 3 Diamonds Holiday Inn Express Brandermill 5030 W. Village Green Drive Midlothian VA 23112 804-744-7303 AAA - 3 Diamonds Hyatt Place Richmond Arboretum 201 Arboretum Place Richmond VA 23236 804-560-1566 AAA - 3 Diamonds SheratonParkRichmondSouthHotel 9901 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond VA 23235 804-323-1144 www.sheraton.comParkSouth AAA - 3 Diamonds ColonialHeightsSouthpark MallArea Candlewood Suites Colonial HeightsFort Lee 15280 Woods Edge Rd. Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-526-0111 AAA 3 Diamonds Exit 5858B off I-95 Comfort Suites Southpark 931 South Ave. Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-520-8900 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 53 or Exit 54 off I-95 Hampton Inn Petersburg-Southpark Mall 403 E. Roslyn Rd. Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-520-7333 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 53 or Exit 54 off I-95 Holiday Inn Petersburg-North Fort Lee 401 E. Roslyn Rd. Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-520-5880 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 53 or Exit 54 off I-95 Days of history adventure shopping dining and excitement leads to nights of comfortable and satisfying sleep. The Petersburg Region offers a wide range of accommodations from hotels to bed breakfast to campgrounds . . . all to meet your budget and needs. The only listed hotels are those with AAA ratings. Hotels Accommodations 35Visit Camptown Campground 22802 Camptown Drive North Dinwiddie VA 23803 804-691-0573 httpcamptown Lake Chesdin Campground 713 Sutherland Road Church Road VA 23833 804-265-9000 httplakechesdin Picture Lake Campground 7818 Boydton Plank Road North Dinwiddie VA 23803 804-861-0174 Pocahontas State Park 10301 State Park Road Chesterfield VA 23838 804-796-4255 or 1-800-933-PARK www.dcr.virginia.govstate-parks pocahontas.shtml Roadrunner Campground 13900 Jefferson Davis Highway Chester VA 23831 804-796-5160 www.rdrunner.netCampground.html South Forty RV Resort Campground 2809 Courtland Road Petersburg VA 23805 804-732-8345 or 877-732-8345 Whippernock Marina and Campgrounds 2700 Sutherland Road Sutherland VA 23885 804-265-5252 ChesterfieldCounty Dellwood Plantation 6100 Woo dpecker Rd. Chesterfield VA 23838 804-590-0995 Petersburg Destiny Inn 517 High St. Petersburg VA 23803 877-834-8422 High Street Inn 405 High St. Petersburg VA 23803 804-733-0271 La Villa Romaine 29 S. Market St. Petersburg VA 23803 804-861-2285 The Ragland Mansion 205 S. Sycamore St. Petersburg VA 23803 804-861-8898 PrinceGeorgeCounty Scents of Cedar 15126 Providence Rd. Prince George VA 23805 804-732-9632 Buds Inn at The Chester Plantation 8401 Golf Course Dr. Disputanta VA 23842 804-991-0811 BBs Campgrounds ColonialHeightsSouthpark MallArea cont Hilton Garden Inn Southpark 800 Southpark Blvd. Colonial Heights VA 23834 804-520-0600 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 53 or Exit 54 off I-95 HopewellFortLeeArea Baymont Inn and Suites Prince George 5380 Oaklawn Blvd. Prince George VA 23875 804-452-0022 AAA - 2 Diamonds Exit 9 off I-295 or Exit 54 off I-95 Best Western Hopewell Inn 3950 Courthouse Rd. Hopewell VA 23860 804-452-0025 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 9 off I-295 or Exit 54 off I-95 Candlewood Suites Fort Lee PetersburgHopewell 5133 Plaza Drive Hopewell VA 23860 804-541-0200 AAA - 2 Diamonds Exit 9 off I-295 or Exit 54 off I-95 Fairfield Inn Suites Hopewell 3952 Courthouse Rd. Hopewell VA 23860 804-458-2600 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 9 off I-295 or Exit 54 off I-95 Hampton Inn Fort Lee 5103 Plaza Drive Hopewell VA 23860 804-452-1000 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 9 off I-295 or Exit 54 off I-95 Quality Inn at Fort Lee 4911 Oaklawn Blvd. Hopewell VA 23860 804-458-1500 www.qualityinn.comhotel-hopewell- virginia AAA - 2 Diamonds Exit 9 off I-295 or Exit 54 off I-95 Sleep Inn Suites at Fort Lee 2200 Waterside Rd. Prince George VA 23875 804-732-3737 AAA - 3 Diamond Exit 54 off I-95 Petersburg Country Inn Suites Petersburg 130 Wagner Rd. Petersburg VA 23805 804-861-4355 www.countryinns.competersburg- hotel-va-23805 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 48 off I-95 Super 8 Motel Petersburg 3138 S. Crater Rd. Petersburg VA 23805 804-732-6020 AAA - 2 Diamonds DinwiddieCounty I-85andRt.460Area Holiday Inn Express Hotel Suites PetersburgDinwiddie 5679 Boydton Plank Rd. Petersburg VA 23803 804-518-1515 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 62A off I-85 SouthofPetersburg PrinceGeorgeCounty Comfort Inn Petersburg 12001 S. Crater Rd. Petersburg VA 23805 804-732-2000 AAA - 2 Diamonds Exit 45 off I-95 Days Inn Petersburg-Fort LeeSouth 12208 S. Crater Rd. Petersburg VA 23805 804-733-4400 AAA - 2 Diamonds Exit 45 off I-95 Hampton Inn 11909 S. Crater Rd. Petersburg VA 23805 804-732-1400 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 45 off I-95 Holiday Inn Express Hotel Suites Petersburg-Fort Lee 11979 S. Crater Rd. Petersburg VA 23805 804-518-1800 AAA - 3 Diamonds Exit 45 off I-95 Accommodations Chesterfield County Colonial Heights Dinwiddie County Hopewell Petersburg Prince George County36 OurWebsite isYourGuide to thePerfectDiningExperience No matter what kind of delicacy suits your fancy youre sure to find it in the Petersburg Region. From down-home cookin to the savory delights of ethnic cuisine our restaurants feature a global flavor served in a historical atmosphere where Civil War generals future presidents and the founders of our nation once dined. There is far too little space available here to do justice to the regions 500 restaurants but a visit to our website at is just the ticket. There you can search restaurants by cuisine location and cost in order to find your perfect dining experience. The region is home to some of Virginias finest restaurants located in buildings that date back to the Colonial era the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. The unique ambiance may be old and historic but the cuisine is modern and delicious. Southern barbeque has been king in Virginia for generations and the Petersburg Region is home to some of the states oldest and most popular restaurants two of which were featured in Southern Living as being among the top BBQ spots in the South. Mouthwatering ribs slow-cooked pit-smoked pork and beef have been bringing em back for decades. Ethnic restaurants abound as well. Take your pick from outstanding British Chinese German Greek Italian Mexican Vietnamese Caribbean and Indian restaurants that serve up their signature savory dishes with old-fashioned Southern hospitality. Being so close to the sea the region is home to some of the countrys best seafood restaurants. The Petersburg Region offers the familiarity of national chains however our specialty is the array of unique and charming local one-of-a-kind restaurants providing everything from quick service to a pint on the patio to a full English tea to white tablecloth fine dining for carnivores locavores and vegetarians. There are popular local bar grill restaurants pubs breweries coffee shops specialty burgers delis subs and desserts. Whatever you are looking for you are sure to find it at 37Visit Dining