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Granny's Kitchen

Granny’s Kitchen

On the side of scenic Route 460 is a small, folksy restaurant that seems like the last outpost of an earlier period in Dinwiddie history. It recalls a time when whole families met each night for dinner at their favorite local restaurants and talked, reminisced, shared stories, and smiled. You too can have that family-friendly experience at Granny's Kitchen.

Serving succulent pork barbecue and delicious, juicy hamburgers, and scrumptious soul food, Granny's Kitchen provides its guests with the full panoply of the Southern community restaurant experience (with some modern amenities like free Wi-Fi).

But at Granny's, it’s also about the people. “Good ol’ home-cookin’ and family-oriented service. We’ve always taken great pride in the food we serve,” say the owners. “Without people, we don’t have a restaurant.”

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